We add free samples with every order as follows:

    • Each 100 gram or sample pack – We add one sample.
    • Each 250 gram, 500 gram, 1 kilo, 2 kilo split, 4 kilo split – We add two samples.
    • Each 1 kilo split  – We add three samples.

In general, we grab random samples, but you can specify which strains you want by mentioning them in the order note box.  

Sample Pack

We also knock off $4 from every item in your shopping cart starting with the 2nd item.

How about a birthday gift? Have you bought at least 12 times from us within last one year?

If so, thank you for being our patron. You and fellow patrons make up the bulk of our sales.   For your support, we are happy to add a birthday gift of 500 gram bag on your birth month.  Please mention that your birthday gift is up in the comment box when you order, and we will add a free 500 gram bag to your order.

ps. If you didn’t quite make the cut but at least bought six times within one year, we will still send you a free 250 gram bag on your birth month.