Complimentary samples are included with each premium order according to the following:

    • We include one sample for every order of 100 gram or sample pack.
    • We include two samples for every order of 250 gram, 500 gram, 1 kilo, 2 kilo split, or 4 kilo split.
    • We include three samples for every 1 kilo split.

(Apologies, no complimentary samples are available for orders exceeding 4 kilos or at wholesale/special prices.)

Typically, we select samples randomly, but you have the option to indicate specific strains by mentioning them in the order note box.  

kratom samples

We also apply a $4 discount to each item in your shopping cart, beginning with the second item and up to a maximum of 10 items.

How about a special birthday present? Have you made a minimum of 12 purchases from us within a single year?

If this applies to you, we sincerely appreciate your loyalty as our valued customer. You and our other loyal patrons contribute significantly to our sales. To express our gratitude, we’re delighted to offer you a birthday gift of a 500-gram bag during your birth month. When placing your order, kindly mention in the comment box that you’re eligible for the birthday gift, and we will ensure to include a complimentary 500-gram bag in your order.

If you didn’t meet the specific criteria, but you’ve made a minimum of six purchases within a year, we’ll still send you a complimentary 250-gram bag during your birth month.