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The quality products and the lowest prices you have enjoyed are at even lower prices!

  • Highest quality from the biggest and the most trusted kratom-supplying company in Indonesia.
  • 100% organic – Harvested from the mature Kratom trees in the wild rainforests of Indonesia
  • Ultra ground into a very fine floury texture for the maximum potency
  • 100% pasteurized strains – Pasteurization by irradiation at an authentic facility in Indonesia
  • Monthly restock for maximum freshness
  • Free USPS priority shipping on orders of 500 grams or more.

Many of our customers are repeat buyers.  It’s the product that our customers trust and rely on.

Additional information

Red Strain

Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Ketapang, Red Maeng Da, Red Sumatra, Red Thai


100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg


Mitragyna speciosa powder

38 reviews for Premium Red Strains

  1. Miranda (verified owner)

    I ONLY purchase from Best Buy Botanicals for my Kratom. I trust Best Buy Botanicals with my business. I will use no other service. Fast shipping, easy payment options, beautiful product! Thank you for all you do to make my purchase a positive experience every time.

  2. David (verified owner)

    Great Products Great Service

  3. Josh L. (verified owner)


  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent products, prompt shipping, highly recommended!

  5. Ezra Arenson (verified owner)

  6. Julian (verified owner)

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)


  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love you guys!

  9. Joseph D. (verified owner)

  10. Julian (verified owner)

    Repeat customers
    Aways great service.

  11. Kyle Gabbard (verified owner)

    Very soothing strains.

  12. James W. (verified owner)

    Great service and good quality kratom. They are always quick to respond with any questions or concerns.

  13. Wendy White (verified owner)

    Never had one problem, very honest, orders are delivered in good time. My last order came quicker than ever. Keep up awesome work, lots of people depends on you.

  14. Joseph D. (verified owner)

    Quick delivery; reliable product =) my go-to every time.

  15. Holly Z. (verified owner)

    Incredibly potent and do exactly what they’re supposed to!

  16. Miranda Stark (verified owner)

    Excellent product as always and lightning FAST shipping. Extremely satisfied with overall experience! Exceeds expectations every time!

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My favorite red keta out there.

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They always have excellent quality kratom and the cheapest I’ve been able to find. This time I got the Red Borneo – Really dark red and effective. I’d recommend BBB to anyone.

  19. steven (verified owner)

    Good clean product at a great price and as always fast shipping.

  20. Lex (verified owner)

    Great company, have been buying from them for well over a year every month or so and it’s all the way to rural America in 2 days. The products are always top-notch.

  21. Robert (verified owner)

    Lighting fast delivery as always. Thank you!

  22. Travis L. (verified owner)

  23. Wendy White (verified owner)

    Awesome products, awesome customer service !!!

  24. Tara H. (verified owner)

    Great Product! Fast shipping!

  25. Todd (verified owner)

    Always top quality and on time! 10/10

  26. Josh (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality. Top notch service. Great customer service. These guys have been taking care of me and my needs for years now – review is lonnnng overdue. Keep killin it y’all!

  27. Dylan B. (verified owner)

    Been buying exclusively from these people for the last couple years. Fantastic customer service and kratom. Im more of a white vein guy but the reds are equally nice. Especially for the price.

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Always fast delivery. Even during this crazy time I know I can count on my packages coming through just as fast as ever. Thanks, y’all are the best!

  29. Ben (verified owner)

    MD Red is my favorite!

  30. Zackary (verified owner)

    Everything is all always how I order. Great prices and Love getting samples so I can try out new strains.thank you

  31. Wendy White (verified owner)

    The best !!! The greatest !!! Excellent products, super fast, great customer service !!! Ive never given a glowing review to any company. Other companies do good but always lacks in some area of service. Best but botanicals A+A+A+A+A+A+

  32. Tonymanc12 (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing kratom great quality at an amazing price shipping always super fast!!! I love red veins and would always go with red bali which was awesome i tried red Ketapang and its now my personal favorite highly recommended the color is much more red then bali and less bitter! Five star too the quick and the vendor!

  33. Dylan Burns (verified owner)

    Second review I’ve left. Normally not partial to red veins but these people are consistent in high, high quality and turns out, I really do like red veins.

  34. Dchambers47 (verified owner)

    Thought I would take time to fill this out because I was impressed. This was my first time ordering kratom. I just paid more and bought local. I was a Little skeptical. Anyway I tried ordering on the website but it would not take my payment information, webpage just kept saying “oops”. So I called the company and they said they’re having problems with that credit card thing and it would be fixed in the morning. I tried in the morning ,it was fixed ,I placed my order and the product literally showed up within three days it was on my doorstep. Thank you guys so much for the speedy shipping. As far as appetite, I have used White Borneo for a year and love it, it was local. This order I purchased about 6 different kinds and will post comments later on specific types. Just had the Dragon horn with my coffee, thanks again

  35. Rshack (verified owner)


  36. Dcejr (verified owner)

    Great product great service…enough said!

  37. garywolfe (verified owner)

    The website keeps changing but the quality and service remain, the only place I’ve bought kratom for the past 2 years. And the Red MD is the tits.

  38. James

    Always a good order w/ BDB. Thanks for the excellent service. Great quality, amazing price.

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