Where do your Kratom powders come from?

All of our products are from the biggest and the most trusted kratom-supplying company in Indonesia. All of our Kratom is 100% organic in that all are harvested from the mature Kratom trees in distinctive parts of the wild rainforests in Indonesia.    Our various strains are all original and not a mix of few.

Can I trust quality of the Kratom?

Only the high quality Kratom leaves are carefully hand selected into processing.  We don’t do mass procurement by container that tends to lower quality of Kratom.  Also, each Kratom leaves are collected from the various locations of the rainforests to insure variety of distinctive characteristics among different strains.  All of our powders are ultra fine ground in a floury texture. None of ours is “gritty”. We don’t separately run potency tests under our company name, but the tests run by other vendors who share the same source show a range of 1.2% to 1.6% of Mitragynine content. That means our strains are potent. But, we believe the potency at customers’ end is more important than the percentage on a paper. Our Kratom is highly potent in that we recommend starting with a two-thirds of the usual amount for our first time customers coming from other sellers.  Most of our sales come from our repeat buyers, and many of our repeat customers have been with us for more than a year. Our long term customers are happy with our quality, and we take a good care of our patrons.

How safe is your Kratom?

We are one of the few Kratom vendors who carry pasteurized strains. As a matter of fact, our pasteurization by irradiation is done at an authentic facility in Indonesia after each kilo of our Kratom powders have been vacuum-sealed. We only break the seal when we are ready to fill orders. For kilo orders, we don’t even break the seal. Naturally, all our products are highly Salmonella proof.

How do you accept payment via Cash app, Zelle, Venmo or Google pay?

Select the “Cash app, Zelle, Venmo, or Google pay” option when checking out. Both the checkout page and the receipt page will show you where to send payment. Please send the total amount. Please write your 5-digit order number only in the memo field. Usually within minutes of payment, your order status will switch from “hold” to “processing”. Your order is now safely in our system and will be shipped according to our regular shipping schedule.

Why don’t you have discount with Cash app, Zelle, Venmo or Google pay any longer?

We already applied the discount to our newly advertised prices.  So, you are still getting the discount and don’t need to calculate how much to send any longer.

How soon do you ship?

Most of orders received by 3:30 pm EST on Monday through Friday are shipped on the same day via USPS first class or USPS priority depending on the weight. Cut off on Saturday is 12:00 pm EST for the same day shipping. We don’t ship on Sundays and Federal Holidays.

When do you send tracking numbers?

We email tracking info not when we receive orders but when we ship orders. To insure delivery of the tracking number, both our system and stamps.com will email tracking info separately. Still don’t receive your tracking number? Please contact us.

What’s the meaning of the sticker with a letter or a number on the kilo bag?

Due to sensitivity of the product, we use a code to stay discrete during the transit.   We usually pen in a strain name on the bag and remove the sticker after delivered to our warehouse.   But, due to so many kilo bags we have to individually pen in,  we sometimes leave the sticker as is and paste our strain label to the bag when we pack.   Bottom-line is it’s the same stain from the same source with or without the sticker.

Disclaimer: Our products are not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 21. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Kratom is not approved by the FDA and carries proven risks and dangers. Our products contain no directions for use or intended use. We do not ship to the following states, cities and counties in the US where Kratom is banned: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin. Sarasota County, Union County, Denver, San Diego, Jerseyville IL, Oceanside CA, Ontario OR. We do not ship overseas. We are not responsible for third parties selling or promoting our products. Handle kratom at your own risk. We are not responsible for any negative events caused by the use or handling of our products.